GPG Suite 2015.08

Security Note

A bug in a Libmacgpg subcomponent could be abused by a local user to execute shell commands with root privileges (CVE-2014-4677).
This issue was fixed in GPG Suite 2015.06.
A big thank you goes out to Bruno Bierbaumer for bringing this bug to our attention.

Note for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 users: when installing this update, you might be asked for your admin password twice.

GPGMail 2.5.1


  • 10.8 + 10.7: GPGMail setting to "Encrypt Drafts" could not be disabled. [#841]
  • Save and display the "Update check" setting correctly. [#842]
  • Properly display messages with content-type application/pgp. [#838]
  • Preserve rich-text formatting when continuing drafts. When drafts where re-opened all formatting was lost. [#835]

GPG Keychain 1.2.1

Show key revocation date

  • Key details for revoked keys now show the date of the revocation. [#345]


  • Drag & Drop of keys was not working when expert settings were enabled. [#343]

GPGServices 1.10.1

Supporting more applications

  • Added a ton of CFBundleIdentifiers to GPGServices in order to support more applications. [#209, #144]

MacGPG 2.0.28

Integrate MacGPG 2.0.28 [#159]

  • MacGPG is now based on gnupg 2.0.28


  • Fixes pinentry-mac to no longer be affected by the XARA attack. [#160]

Libmacgpg 0.6

Be more tolerant towards malformed messages

  • Too many line breaks or other minor deformations of ASCII PGP data often resulted in a message that could not be decrypted. We are now much more tolerant and flexible. [#63, #145, #14, #38]


  • No more "no pinentry" errors! We've finally found a solution to fix the infamous "no pinentry" bug, caused by a socket connection to gpg-agent which was not closed under some circumstances. [#147]
  • One of the most common crashes in the 2015.06 release has been fixed. GPGTaskHelperXPC no longer crashes. [#143]
  • Crash in Libmacgpg GPGPacket fixed. [#146]
  • Under some circumstances and empty key list was returned. [#149]
  • Uses new pinentry with keychain support for new MacGPG. [#148]