GPG Suite 2016.10

GPGMail 2.6.2


  • Remove "X-Pgp-Agent: GPGMail" header. We no longer expose the fact that you are using GPGMail in the mail header. [#879]

GPGKeychain 1.3.2


  • Key creation failed on first attempt. [#377]
  • The term "key server" is now consistently used throughout GPG Keychain. [#348]
  • Don't show old info messages for current key searches. [#375]
  • Dialog for key deletion had too many buttons. This was a 10.12 specific problem. [#379]

GPGPreferences 2.0.1


  • We added detailed version info to the about tab. [#84]


  • Checkbox for "remember for ... seconds" setting could not be deselected. [#86]

MacGPG2 2.0.30


  • Libgcrypt 1.6.6: Fixes a bug in the mixing functions of Libgcrypt's random number generator. CVE-2016-6313 (wrongly identified as CVE-2016-6316 in some contexts) [#685]

Security fixes

  • Fixes a privilege escalation bug in our Installer, which could allow an attacker who already had local access to a machine, to execute malicious code as root. Thanks for responsible disclosure: k4dl (@k4dl) and lumpy_ (@diretraversal)