GPG Suite 2017.1b3

GPGMail 2.7b3

Much improved macOS 10.12 Sierra support

  • Third public beta version of GPGMail for macOS Sierra. [GPGMail #874]


  • When attempting to forward the decrypted version of an encrypted message, the user is now shown a warning. [#870]


  • The top priority bug which affected many users has been fixed. The bug caused messages to display "Loading..." but never finish that process. Encrypted replies in threaded view would show an encrypted.asc attachement instead of the decrypted reply. Another side effect of the bug lead to attachments that could not be opened on macOS Sierra. [#901, #907]
  • Under some circumstances the error "Decryption failed due to unknown error" was shown, even though the message or attachment could be decrypted. [#912]
  • Canceling the pinentry request for signing upon sending a message may have lead to unexpected behavior. [#873, #902]
  • pinentry now only asks a single time when re-opening an encrypted draft and canceling the dialog. [#893]
  • If Mail Act-On was active, messages would not be encrypted. Mail Act-On and GPGMail once again peacefully co-exist. [#888]
  • The warning for unencrypted replies to encrypted mails was not shown. [#890]
  • Mail on Sierra crashed under certain circumstances when trying to find a certificate matching the sender. [#897]
  • Ensure all drafts are encrypted when that option is enabled. No matter if a recipient was entered or not. [#908]
  • GPGMail no longer triggers an error when starting to compose a new message in cases where only a single account with more than one key was used. [#900]
  • Problems with the brazilian translations have been fixed. [#899]

Known Issues

  • If multiple private keys are available for the same email address, GPGMail currently picks one at random to sign the message. [#895]
  • Inline PGP is currently not supported at all, PGP/MIME will be used instead. [#894]
  • "BCC" recpients are currently not treated differently from "TO" or "CC" recipients (gnupg --hidden-recipients option not currently in use). [#896]
  • Mail rules for signed or encrypted messages will not work for PGP/MIME signed/encryted messages.
  • Keys that are imported using gnupg cli or GPG Keychain might require a restart of Mail in order to be picked up by GPGMail.

GPG Keychain 1.3.3b2


  • Since the short ID has been deemed insecure for a long time, new installations of GPG Keychain now show the fingerprint column instead of the short ID. To adjust your existing installation of GPG Keychain, right click the top column and tick the fingerprint option to show that column. [#376]
  • Added fingerprint info to the subkey tab in the key details view. [#386]
  • The subkey tab received a clean-up, dust was wiped off and it now looks more shiny. [#387]


  • Type any letter or an entire name on your keyboard while in the key list to get to that place in the list. This has been behaving strangely for a long time and we are really happy it now works as expected. [#342]
  • Signing keys is only available for single keys. When more than one key is selected the signing option is greyed out. [#391]

GPGPreferences 2.0.2b3


  • Version info is now correctly displayed on macOS Sierra. [#93]
  • When users install GPG Suite beta, they will receive beta updates. [#92]