GPG Suite 2019.2

Support for macOS Catalina

  • GPG Mail 4 is available now – with official support for macOS Catalina.
  • GPG Mail 4 is a paid upgrade. On macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra, users can choose to keep using GPG Mail 3

GPGMail 4.0 (macOS Catalina, Mojave & High Sierra)


  • Support for macOS Catalina [#1039]


  • Deactivate GPG Mail Support Plan in Mail › Preferences › GPG Mail in order to activate it on a different device [#1033]
  • If the public key required to verify a signed message is missing, show its fingerprint instead of its short ID [#1042]


  • Properly verify detached signatures for attachments again [#1053]
  • Add proper dark mode support to the attachment signature view [#1054]

GPG Suite Preferences 2.2.1


  • Add compatibility and dark mode for macOS Catalina [#110]

MacGPG 2.2.17


  • Workaround for Apple bug rdar://50789571 where macOS keychain entries were deleted by macOS under some circumstances. Apple fixed this problem in macOS Catalina. For macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra we now prevent that the keychain item is deleted [#729, #730]
  • Pinentry icon was updated for retina resolution. Also fixes transparency issues on macOS Catalina [#737]