GPG Suite 2020.1

GPG Mail 4 adds support for macOS Catalina

GPG Mail 4 is a paid upgrade. As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you a 30% upgrade discount if you already have an active GPG Mail 3 Support Plan.

If you are not yet on macOS Catalina feel free to keep using GPG Mail 3 with your active GPG Mail 3 Support Plan for as long as you want.

Native system notifications for GPG Services

  • GPG Services is now using system notifications to alert users when an operation has been completed.
  • By default notifications will remain on the screen until the user has reacted to them. They can be configured to automatically disappear however by switching to 'Banner Style' in 'System Preferences › Notifications › GPG Services'
  • System notifications greatly improve the experience of GPG Services and we hope you take advantage of the possibilities to tailor the notifications to your specific needs.
  • Alert dialogs are used as a fallback if system notifications are in "Do Not Disturb"-mode
  • Notifications for GPG Services are only available on macOS 10.14 and later.

GPGMail 4.1 (macOS Catalina, Mojave & High Sierra)


  • Display a tooltip when no signing key is available - it’s now much easier to find out why signing is not possible. While previously the encrypt and sign buttons would disappear, they now remain visible and when you hover over the sign button a tooltip with details why you can't sign, appears [#1060]
  • Adds a space between the security header title and the signature icon when viewing signed messages [#1068]


  • Includes a workaround for a bug in macOS Catalina which resulted in message content for partly signed / encrypted messages being cut off (scrolling was disabled) [#1057]
  • Fixes a problem where switching security method had no effect on the security method used to protect messages that were sent. Instead outgoing messages were always protected using the default encryption method configured. [#1058]
  • Fixes a bug where the Mail plug-in manager would not open if other bundles were installed alongside GPG Mail [#1056]
  • Re-ordered keyboard shortcuts for the encrypt and sign buttons: use ⌥⌘Y to toggle the encrypt button and ⌥⌘X to toggle the sign button [#1067]
  • The security method chosen to be used while composing a draft is properly restored when the users continues to edit the draft [#1061]
  • Picks up GnuPG key ring changes again on macOS Catalina, so it is not necessary to re-start Mail if a new key is imported [#1059]
  • Fixes a problem where GPG Mail 3 was not installed when the user customized their installation [#1069]
  • Adds the option to switch support plan in Mail › Preferences › GPG Mail [#1064]
  • Shows a better error message when a user tries to activate GPG Mail with a support plan that has been previously disabled [#1071]

GPG Keychain 1.6


  • When creating a new key, GPG Keychain now checks if a valid secret key already exists for that email and will warn users, before creating a second key for the same email [#476]
  • Search results for sks key servers show long key ID [#496]
  • Passphrase verification is now mandatory during key creation or when changing the passphrase of an existing key [#441]
  • Customized sorting options for signatures and subkeys tabs are now properly restored after restart [#505]
  • When checking for key updates on the key server, key updates are also fetched from the sks key servers when the fallback option is enabled [#507]


  • Always open key details on the same screen where the main app is displayed [#506]
  • Fixes a bug where scrolling search results from the sks key servers could be laggy [#495]
  • Fixes a bug on Catalina where exported keys could end up with the wrong file name and located in the folder above the actual destination folder [#502]
  • Reduces the number of keys displayed in the success dialog for large key imports in order to make sure that the dialog is not cut off [#504]
  • In search results from sks key servers the first valid key is now pre-selected, independently from the creation date. Before the first result would be pre-selected regardless of its validity [#480]

GPG Services 2.0


  • Alert users of compeleted operations using macOS system notifications [#258]


  • Improves the error message for signatures using a public key, which has been revoked [#260]
  • Limits the width of dialogs to prevent the window to grow too large when keys with very long emails or names are involved [#259]

GPG Suite Preferences 2.3


  • Remembers information entered in "Send Report" in case System Preferences is closed before a report was submitted [#109]
  • Name in the "Send Report" form is pre-filled to make submitting a problem even easier [#112]

MacGPG 2.2.20


  • Integrate GnuPG 2.2.20 [#742]


  • Fixes a problem where pinentry would store an empty passphrase which then resulted in decrypt operations being aborted immediately without asking the user for the passphrase [#740]
  • Fixes a bug where pinentry would show two overlapping password fields instead of just a single one [#741]
  • Fixes the key server check for ldap key servers in Libmacgpg [#178]