GPG Suite 2020.2

GPG Mail 5 adds support for macOS Big Sur

GPG Mail 5 is a paid upgrade. As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you a 30% upgrade discount if you have already purchased a GPG Mail Support Plan in the past.

If you are not on macOS Big Sur yet, feel free to keep using your current GPG Mail version with your active GPG Mail Support Plan for as long as you want.

Native Support for Apple Silicon

  • All of our Apps and Services are optimized for Apple Silicon
  • MacGPG will launch in Rosetta 2 compatibility mode for now but should be available soon

GPGMail 5.0 (macOS Big Sur, Catalina & Mojave)


  • Support for macOS Big Sur
  • Native support for Apple Silicon


  • Optimized the regular expression engine to catch messages that might have been unrecognized before

GPG Keychain 1.7


  • New icons for macOS Big Sur


  • Make sure the verified key server fallback to sks keyservers works on newer macOS versions [#513]
  • Added an error message with additional context when a user tries to import corrupted data [#509]


  • Ensure name and email are pre-filled when creating a key on Big Sur [#514]
  • Fixes a problem where dragging a key to desktop would not result in an exported file [#512]
  • Fixes a potential lockup when a key search was initiated [#510]

GPG Services 2.1


  • 'Show in Finder' option is now part of the verification results dialog [#262]

GPG Suite Preferences 2.4


  • Fixes and adjustments for macOS Big Sur [#116]

MacGPG 2.2.24


  • Integrate GnuPG 2.2.24 [#749]