GPG Suite 2021.3

Includes GPG Mail 6.1 which is required for macOS 12.1

Revamp of the GPG Services verification UI

  • New icons make it easier to distinguish between untrusted and trusted signatures of signed files
  • Trusted signatures show a green checkmark
  • Untrusted signatures (created with untrusted keys) show a yellow checkmark
  • Invalid or otherwise broken signatures use red color coding

GPG Mail 6.1 (macOS Monterey)


  • Adds compatibility for macOS 12.1


  • Fixes a problem where Thunderbird would display an empty message under specific circumstances [#1103]
  • Fixes a problem on macOS 12.1 where Mail would crash when composing a new message [#1104] [#1107]

GPG Services 2.3


  • Revamped verification UI [#266]