GPG Suite 2023.3

macOS 13.5 introduces changes in macOS Mail which lead to a crash when running a version of GPG Mail < 7.2.
In order to continue using GPG Mail 7 on macOS 13.5, make sure to install this update of GPG Suite.

Adapts GPG Mail 7 to changes of Mail in macOS 13.5

  • A method of macOS Mail that was previously used by GPG Mail to create outgoing messages has been removed and replaced by a new one
  • GPG Mail 7.2 addresses that change and calls the new method if available

GPG Mail 7.2 (macOS Ventura)


  • Fixes a problem where macOS Mail would crash as GPG Mail is calling a method that no longer exists in Mail for macOS 13.5 [#1148]
  • Makes sure to suppress macOS Mail's "public key not available"-dialog when the user is trying to reply to an encrypted message in plain, as GPG Mail's warning is already shown [#1144]