GPGMail 2.1 for
Mavericks out now!

Since the first seeds of OS X Mavericks have been released to
developers we've been at it to add compatibility to GPGMail.
Today we're super stoked to announce, that for the first time,
GPGMail supports Mavericks from day one.

Go grab it now!

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GPGMail 2.1 is compatible back to 10.7

Help us help you to
get ready for Mavericks!

It's almost here and we're almost there: for
the first time we want GPG Suite to be ready for
your upgrade to the new OS X 10.9 - Mavericks!

As developers we've received early test versions of Mavericks and have since been
working on a compatible GPGMail version when time allowed. Now it's time to polish
this version and fix any bugs so we're ready to launch alongside with Mavericks.

GPGMail 2
is finally here!

We've been working crazy hard over the last couple of months to make
GPGMail 2 rock solid.

A lot of sleepless nights and 77 bug fixes later, we're ready!
GPGMail 2 is the nr. 1 plugin for OS X to secure your messages with a few simple clicks and comes as a part of our new GPG Suite which contains everything you need to secure your communication with ease using the power of OpenPGP.
We've completely re-designed our website to make sure that you'll find everything
you need with one click. We are super stoked and can‘t wait to see how you like it!