We are Open Source!

We‘ve been a part of the open source community for years and our GPG tools have always been based on the open source codex. You could call the reasons obvious:
  • Trust - review our source code

    If the source code is closed source, you will never be able to review it. We believe that being open and transparent is the best concept to build trust.

  • Let‘s help each other

    Want a feature that does not yet exist? You are welcome to contribute code and help us build the best GPG solution together. Everyone benefits!

  • Open bug tracker

    Most bugs are open for everyone to see and can be used to follow progress. Feel free to pick any ticket you like and start hacking on it.

  • No proprietary formats

    Our tools are based on an open standard for encrypting and authenticating data communication. All data processed by our tools can be decoded on any platform.

Our home at GitHub

We're trying to be as transparent as possible about everything we do and the best way to accomplish that, is to have all our source code available on GitHub. It's very important for software that enhances the security of your communication, to be available for everyone who would like to audit it, file bugs or contribute to it.
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